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Ebbens Official is proud to be a part of Property Vision International. With hand-picked associates around the world, each with intimate knowledge of the country or region they serve. All are formally committed to replicating Property Vision’s ways of working and quality of service.


Represented regions: Balearic Islands, South of Spain, South of France, French, Swiss and Austrian Alps, Paris, Scotland, Berlin, Geneva, Ireland and Greece.


Ebbens Official is proud to be part of Property Vision International, a global network of buying representatives. This extensive network provides us with a unique advantage in the real estate market. We collaborate with a select group of experts worldwide, allowing us to offer our clients access to the best opportunities, whether they're looking for properties in the Balearic Islands or in other regions.


With a wealth of local knowledge and a finger on the pulse of international real estate trends, our partnership with Property Vision International ensures that our clients receive the most comprehensive, up-to-date advice, and a seamless buying experience. This global connection allows us to assist clients in finding exceptional properties tailored to their desires while ensuring a secure and efficient purchasing process.

Let us help you find your dream home.

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